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Hike The Ancient Cascades 2001, Hikes with Jane Meissner
     Central Oregon Community College -- Community Education
The Ancient Cascades or Old Cascades are a chain of stratovolcanoes in central Oregon predating the peaks of the High Cascades by 10 million years and lying about 20 miles to their west.  Having experienced considerably more erosion, they bear only a slight resemblance to the younger mountains along the Cascade Crest and are today characterized by complex ridge and valley features.  Although the Old Cascade peaks were once higher than active mountains like The South Sister and Mt. Hood,  they now top out at about 6000 feet.
This web page offers a few pictures and a little documentation for a series of hikes from a COCC Community School class lead by  naturalist Jane Meissner in the summer of  2001.
Location of Hike
Alternate Destination in Gray
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Wednesday, June 27 Tidbits Mountain
Castle Rock
Wednesday, July 4 Independence Day Holiday
No Class
Wednesday, July 11 Horse Pasture Mountain
Iron Mountain & Cone Peak
Wednesday, July 18 Iron Mountain & Cone Peak
Horse Pasture Mountain
Wednesday, July 25 The Three Pyramids
Coffin Mountain
Wednesday, August 1 Browder Ridge
Crescent Mountain
Wednesday, August 8 Bachelor Mountain
Coffin Mountain

About the Pictures:

The pictures were taken with a Kodak DC 210 Plus digital camera.  The camera has a resolution of 1152 by 864 (995,328) pixels and usually produces JPEG image sizes of between 250 and 500 kilobytes.  In their original format, the pictures completely fill the screen on most 17 inch monitors.  To facilitate faster download times, most of the pictures have been cropped, shrunk, and reduced in quality usually resulting in image sizes of between 25 and 100 kilobytes.  If there is a picture you particularly like, I would be happy to send you a copy with original resolution and quality.

The web pages were put together using Netscape's Composer HTML editor and are best viewed with the Netscape Navigator browser.  Microsoft's Internet Explorer works ok, but renders tables differently so some things appear slightly out of wack.  If you're concerned with Microsoft's and America on Line's (AOL has taken over Netscape) attempts to dominate the internet and make up their own rules, then check out Opera, an independent and very fast standards compliant browser.

Some Related Links:

Descriptions for all these hikes can be found in 100 Hikes in the Central Oregon Cascades by William L. Sullivan.  For more information on this and his other books you can check the web page Hiking Oregon (although it is often off line).

Short descriptions and maps for most of these hikes can be found on web at  These are abbreviated from Sullivan's guide book. is an excellent resource having descriptions for thousands of hiking trails all over the United States and Canada.

The city of Sweet Home's web page has some good information from the Sweet Home Ranger District.

Need your boots resoled or repaired?  Jane recommends Dave Page's cobbler shop in Seattle.

Pictures from Jane's Fall 2000 Class.


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