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South Breitenbush Gorge

Here are some pictures from our fifth and final hike (October 18, 2000) to South Breitenbush Gorge.  Our original destination was to be Jefferson Park, but we found clouds and persistent light rain on Santium Pass so we decided to go for a lower elevation alternative.
Sorry, the enlarged pictures had to be removed to make space for newer stuff.  If you click on one of the thumb nails below, you'll get a dead link.
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A02598.jpg A02600.jpg A02601.jpg A02603.jpg
A02605.jpg A02607.jpg A02610.jpg A02616.jpg
A02617.jpg A02618.jpg A02623.jpg A02626.jpg
A02630.jpg A02631.jpg A02633.jpg A02634.jpg
A02635.jpg A02640.jpg A02642.jpg

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