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2004 Fall Hiking Class

This web page offers a few pictures and descriptions from a series of five hikes lead by Jane Meissner in the autumn of 2004. This class was offered through the Central Oregon Community College Community Education program.  I've choosen four pictures from each hike -- I might add some more latter. Because of space limitations, the pictures have been reduced in size and jpg quality; if you'd like to have a full version of one of the pictures, drop me an email.
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Black Butte, Wednesday, September 22
A1.jpg A2.jpg A3.jpg A4.jpg
Broken Top, September 29
B1.jpg B2.jpg B3.jpg B4.jpg
Vista Butte, October 6
I missed this hike.  These pictures where taken at Vista Butte in the fall of 2001.
Swampy Lakes & Tumalo
Creek Valley
Mt. Bachelor
Jake the llama
S.Sister & Broken Top
Metolius River, October 13
Wizard Falls Hatchery to Canyon Creek
D1.jpg D2.jpg D3.jpg D4.jpg
Santiam Wagon Road, October 20
Mountain House to House Rock

Picnic along Sheep Ck & S. Santium R.
Falls Imerging from House Rock

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