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Spring 2003 Waterfalls Class

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I'm still building this page, please check back soon for more pictures.

About this page and the Class

This web page offers a few pictures and descriptions from a series hikes lead by Jane Meissner in the spring of 2003.  This class highlighted some of Central Oregon's best wateralls and was offered through the Central Oregon Community College Community Education program.

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Schedule of Hikes

Paulina Creek, April 28, 2003


Fall River Falls, May 5, 2003

A05590.jpg A05595.jpg A05601.jpg A05606.jpg

Tokatee Falls, May 5, 2003


Corbett State Park, May 19, 2003


Salt Creek Falls, May 26, 2003


Tamolitch Un-Falls, June 2, 2003

omolitch is a waterfall that's not.  In this area, the McKenzie River travels for several miles underneath a lava flow.  The river emerges here from a beautiful deep blue pool at the base of a cliff which would form the fall. There is a riverbed upstream on top of flow.  In years of exceptionally high snow melt the river can, for a brief time, flow above ground creating an actaully waterfall here.  This is very rare and made even less probable by the fact that the better part of the McKenzie's flow is diverted at Carmen Reservoir several miles up stream to generate electrical power for Eugene (EWEB).

Here are two pictures of Tamolitch in autumn.  These were taken in late October 2000.  The first is looking down river from the top of the "falls."  The second is from the outlet to the pool  looking back towards the fall's lava cliff. 
A02682.jpg A02692.jpg

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