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I have no control over them nor do I profit in anyway from them.

About Tripod

This site is hosted on Tripod which provides "free" web pages.  The price of free is a little advertising in the form of pop-up or banner ads.  So, when you view a page on this site, you'll probably also get one or two pop-up windows and a banner ad across the top of the page.  It's best to leave them alone; just click on the main body of the page you want to see and they will disappear behind it.  Or, better yet, use a browser like Mozilla or Firefox which can automatically block pop-ups (IE can now block pop-ups too if you use Windows XP and install Service Pack 2).

As of this writing (October '04), the banner ads have disappeared and have been replaced with a set of small box ads which appear at the top of each page.  I believe these come from Google AdSense.  They are an improvement over the banners because they at least relate to the content of the page (it's funny, the last time I displayed this page on Tripod, Google must of keyed in on the phrase "block pop-ups" and the ads were all for blocking programs).  Unfortunately I have no control over any of the advertisements and do not profit from them other than being able to host these pages for free -- Google pays Tripod, not me.

 If you've got information you want to share, Tripod is a good hosting service for simple websites.

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Updated 17-Oct-2004